Wireless IFB Systems

Breakthrough RF technology

Outstanding IFB audio for any performance.


Whether in the studio or simply going to your next gig, the Wisycom IFB System has what it takes to overcome the obstacles of your next RF environment.
As the pioneer of wideband RF, Wisycom has several unique technologies that will solve the problem inherent in an ever-shrinking spectrum.

Bandwidth for Every City

Our IFB receiver, the MPR50-IFB, features an impressive 232 MHz tuning range. Paired with the MTK952 Dual Transmitter’s unprecedented 330 MHz bandwidth, this system can reduce the amount of equipment on any studio. Combine that with our proprietary IMD Cancellation to easily fit even more channels in the same space.

Audio that’s Loved by Performers

Performers are amazed at the true-to-life audio delivered by the MPR50-IFB. The specially designed circuitry features impressive headroom with +23 dBm (200mw) peak audio power to deliver exceptional clarity and stereo separation. Finally, a perfect complement to a pair of custom fit high-end earpieces.


The MTK952 is a versatile 1RU dual-channel transmitter designed for IFB applications for broadcast, and more.


Wideband RF Technology featuring a double conversion stage combined with SAW filters intermediate frequencies provides the widest switching bandwidth available at 330MHz, 2400 user-defined frequencies (40group by 60 freq.). The entire UHF band in one device.


Multi-Companding SHARC DSP delivers proprietary audio algorithms for any application with less than 1ms delay allowing you to create and shape presets for the desired sound.



IMD Phase Cancellation advanced linear DSP that allows for evenly spaced frequencies with no intermod issues for more channels and optimum
RF spectrum utilization.


Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS), optimizes frequency agility, lowest possible phase noise, and precise control across the widest RF band, with over 70 db of stereo isolation. Generates virtually any type of RF modulation.


Output Power from 10mW to 2 Watts. Works in conjunction with the Wisycom RF distribution products to automatically compensate for combiner loss to deliver the power you need.


Master / Slave (MS option) Send a 0 dBm reference signal from Master to Slave via copper, or fiber via MFL. Allows multiple RF Coverage zones in an integrated platform.


MPR50-IFB Wideband, True-Diversity IFB Receiver

The MPR50 is a compact, belt-pack style true-diversity receiver designed for professional in-ear monitoring applications.


True Diversity Reliability The MPR50-IEM is the only “true” diversity IEM receiver available. In other words, each belt-pack receiver houses pair of full receiver circuits and dual antennas. The result is unparalleled reliability – the end of distracting noises and dropouts.



Multi-Companding Precisely handling the second part of the companding process, the MPR50-IEM accurately expands the delivered audio signal with Wisycom’s proprietary ENS companding algorithm with separate release/ attack.



Audio Headroom The expanded audio signal is decoded with stereo MPX audio processing for the re-creation of the source mono audio program material and delivered with our specially designed headphone amplifier designed to maximize headroom with peak-dynamic of +23 dBm (200mW).


Batteries Designed for flexibility to fit the unique needs
of stage productions, the MPR50 accommodates several battery configurations by allowing the use of disposable and rechargeable batteries including:

  • 2 AA NiMH or Alkaline
  • C3-V3 battery pack
  • KLIC 8000 or CR-V3R lithium (i.e. DR9708 duracell)

Other Features:

  • Onboard charging via an integrated micro-USB-B connector
  • Easy to use thanks to an OLED display
  • Dedicated function buttons & TX/RX frequency sync function
  • Automatic receiver programming with RX Manager application and micro-USB cable or infrared via optional UPKmini
  • FM IFB mode with NARROW-BAND modulation to enhance noise immunity and coverage (SW selectable)


The CSI16 is a passive, wideband combiner. Its special design communicates with the MTK952(N) Transmitter via the coaxial inputs to automatically compensate for combiner loss by increasing power from the TX side! (up to 3W per input).
Other features:
  • 16 Input Combiner – select 4, 2, or 1 output(s)
  • 3 position, Front Panel I/O selector enables [16:1], 2x [8:1] or 4x [4:1]
  • Wideband operation (470-800MHz)
  • Use in conjunction with the CSA121T Combiner to recover up to 15dB of loss (16:1 configuration)

CSI16 Combiner / MTK952 Receivers automatic gain compensation scenario:

Combiner configuration: 2x [8:1] combiner input: output ratio
Country power limit:10mW
By enabling external compensation on MTK952 units, the transmitters raise output power by 9dB to reach the 10mW maximum country power limit at the CSI16T output.

ACM50 Rack Battery Charger


10 independent recharging battery slots

< 3 hours to charge up to 10 batteries

Charge and Fault LED Status Indicators

Extremely compact and lightweight

DC power supply

LBN2 Directional Antenna


LBN2 is a wideband UHF LPDA antenna (log periodic dipole array).


  • Skeletal Design LPDA for Minimal Wind Loading
  • Future proof huge reception bandwidth 420-1300 GHz
  • Bend elements for maximum directionality with minimum size 
  • 6 dBi gain
  • Typical beam width of 140-degrees
  • Robust metal support with fine slope tuning
  • Full metal support and mounting base (1/4″ & 3/8″)
  • Textured Weather-Resistant Coating
  • Waterproof with gasket sealing
  • BNC connector (LBN2) or N connector (LNN2) available

ADB2 Omnidirectional Antenna


ADB2 is a wideband, UHF omnidirectional antenna.


  • Huge frequency range of 400-960 MHz
  • approx. 3.2 dBi of gain
  • Stationary wave ratio < 1:1.5 in the range 450÷870 MHz and < 1:1.9 in the range 400÷937 MHz
  • OIP3: +43 dBm (Output 3° order Intercept Point) typical
  • Booster Gain flatness within 1 dB in the entire working window
  • Powered by +12 V, 100mA
  • Epoxy fiberglass (copper – clad) with black matte finish
  • 5/8” mounting or 3/8” with adapter
  • BNC connector (ADB2) or N connector (ADN2) available