Wisycom WDF Charts

Wisycom Frequency Plan (.wdf file)

The frequency tables are divided into 40 groups (columns) and 60 channels (rows).

Each group can have a short and long name to better remember the specific usage. Each frequency & group can also have attributes such as:

locked - you can change it only with a computer to safely store your pre-coordinated frequency plan

hidden - hide certain cells to let the user see only plans and frequencies you want.

For example, if you coordinate group 33 that uses only 31 frequencies from channel 10 to channel 40 (ch. 40), you can hide ch. 0/ch. 9 and ch. 41/ch. 59.

This gives a lot of flexibility for frequencies, groups, and names to be customizable by users.

Download Default WDF Charts

All links below contain WDF + PDF Version of Charts